Quality handmade furniture

My goal, as a wood artist, is to bring elegance to any space by using the natural design of the wood. The wood used is salvaged walnut, otherwise destined to be ground up. This reclaimed wood is some of the most beautiful black walnut in the world. It is also called claro black walnut and is only found west of the Rocky Mountains and predominantly in Northern California. This black walnut has more vibrant figure than the walnut on the eastern side of the Rockies. Starting with the best wood is the most important step.

The next step is design. Using a live edge design, I bring the beauty of nature indoors. Most of the furniture design incorporates live edge elements with just enough formality for an innovative design. This high end, live edge furniture fits in with rustic, modern, contemporary, and Asian designs. The black walnut tables are custom made, and there are several base styles to choose from. Since black walnut is such a hard wood, it is surprisingly durable and water resistant with the tung oil varnish finish that is used. If damage happens, the ability to repair scratches and to make repairs, especially on live edge tables, is remarkable. A vibrating hand sander with the proper grit and a new coat of tung oil varnish will make this furniture look like new again.

If you are in California, Newton Woods is local. The trees purchased are local farm removals, backyard and urban salvaged walnut, and is milled in Fresno CA. Newton Woods will deliver throughout California.

The mission is to make the perfect center piece or stunning accent for your home, office, gallery, or studio. I work hard to please my clients and strive to make them happy and proud to own their unique, custom hardwood furniture.